Strategic Partners

  • Offered by, Amazon Web Services is a reliable, scalable infrastructure platform provider for all of your cloud computing needs. Statêra partners with Amazon Web Services to ensure that you can deliver the same great results faster and at a lower cost than ever before.

  • K2 is the premier business process management [BPM] platform for building fast and reusable forms, workflow, data and reports that span SharePoint, SAP, Salesforce, SQL, and more. That’s why for more than eight years, Statêra has partnered with K2 to build no-code business applications for our clients from the back office to the front lines.

  • informativa logo

    A world-wide leader in enterprise data integration and management software, Informatica enables businesses to harness the power of their data to enhance competitive advantage.

  • Box

    Enabling secure content sharing both internally and externally, Box is the perfect solution for enterprises in a BYOD world.

  • Docusign

    Enterprises that fully integrate electronic signature into their workflows increase their productivity significantly.  DocuSign is used in the majority of large enterprises and integrates with the most used applications available today.

  • Birst

    Agile business analytics that span both public and private clouds, Birst offers a comprehensive offering at a much lower price point to traditional business intelligence approaches.

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