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Do YOU Want the Job? – How to Write a Great Consulting Resume

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After 25 years in the IT recruiting business and reading through tens of thousands of resumes over these years – I have assembled 10 Key factors in writing a good / noticeable resume. Hopefully these tips will help you edge out the competition which is becoming more competitive.                 1 – Target the specific opportunity  When putting together a concise …

andreaDo YOU Want the Job? – How to Write a Great Consulting Resume
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The Power of Social Collaboration

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It seems that everything is social these days. At least it feels like everything needs to have a social element to be considered relevant. Everyone, from companies to not-for-profits to government agencies, is jumping on the bandwagon in the hope that the social dream will come true for their organizations. The leap into the social realm is often just that, …

andreaThe Power of Social Collaboration
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Constraint Rules in Apttus

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Taking Your Salesforce Quotes to the Next Level, Leveraging Constraint Rules in Apttus Constraint rules can make your life easier when configuring Apttus CPQ.  They allow you to include, excludes, recommend, validate and replace products based on business logic.  At the core, a constraint rule is an if/then statement.  Thinking of it that way helps when configuring the rules and …

andreaConstraint Rules in Apttus
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The New Enterprise Application Landscape – Enterprise Mobility

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In my last post , we explored the state of the enterprise, how Mobility, Security, Usability and Actionable Data are core functionality and must be considered in every system. Today we’ll dig a little bit deeper into the first of those areas: Enterprise Mobility. The State of Enterprise Mobility The mobile revolution has been a remarkably quick one. In less …

chrissorelThe New Enterprise Application Landscape – Enterprise Mobility
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What Makes an Employee Stay at Statêra for 15+ Years?

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I often ask myself “what makes an employee stay with a company for 15+ years”, as I have worked at Statêra for Brad Weydert and Carl Fitch that long. The answer I come back with is always the same – the incredible people and the leadership in having built such a successful company. I still remember and go back to when …

bradmoschWhat Makes an Employee Stay at Statêra for 15+ Years?

Salesforce Lightning Components

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The Lightning Component Framework is Salesforce’s new framework for building dynamic single-page user interfaces that will run on phones, tablets, and the desktop.  The Salesforce1 Mobile app was developed with Lightning Components and Salesforce is now opening up that framework to developers and administrators to build their own components and applications that can be used in the Salesforce1 Mobile app. …

andreaSalesforce Lightning Components
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Are You Prepared to Make Your Merger a Success?

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  Would you have heart surgery from a surgeon whose success rate was 50%? Change management can make or break a successful M&A If Change Management is NOT Implemented Productivity declines as people become more consumed with the how the merger and acquisition will impact them. Passive and active resistance festers, emerges and may sabotages the merger and acquisition. Valued employees …

glenlucchesiAre You Prepared to Make Your Merger a Success?
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Why You Need Recruiting Experts

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Your software engineering position has been open for 9 months.  You’ve posted the job to several sites, you’re not getting many resumes, and you’re not getting the right skill level that you’re looking for.  Trust us, we’ve heard this many times from clients over the years. Why does your company need a great recruiter? Expertise Most hiring managers and executives …

andreaWhy You Need Recruiting Experts
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Stop the CRM Insanity

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It’s no secret many organizations have implemented CRM software solutions with minimal business gains. Why is it that companies continue to make the same mistakes with CRM implementations years later after continuous published failure rates? Gartner forecasts that CRM spending will continue to increase as many organizations rush to implement or upgrade to new solutions. There are many ways to …

erinmackenzieStop the CRM Insanity
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Understanding the New Enterprise Application Landscape

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In the past few years, we have witnessed a series of fundamental shifts in the way people think about and engage with their business systems. We’ve seen the birth and maturation of the mobile revolution, we’ve seen the great migration to the cloud, and we’ve seen the rise of user driven BI. Additionally, we’ve witnessed unprecedented data breaches that have …

chrissorelUnderstanding the New Enterprise Application Landscape
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What IS the “Analytics Cloud”?

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After Dreamforce 2014, you might have already heard of Salesforce.com’s newest offering, the “Analytics Cloud”. If you’re like many of our clients, you’re asking yourself, “What’s it all about, and what does it mean to Salesforce customers like me?” Put quite simply the “Analytics Cloud” is Salesforce’s new Business Intelligence & Analytics tool. Until now, customers seeking advanced BI & ...
userWhat IS the “Analytics Cloud”?