Assessing the Maturity of Self-Service BI

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Without exception, my clients want to discuss self-service BI (“SSBI”). This isn’t surprising, as it’s both a buzz-word and mainstay of the analytics landscape. SSBI is universally recognized as a strategic driver and a business need, but some perceive it to be ambiguous or simply hype. I’ve had the opportunity to address this several times recently, and I’d like to …

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Data Science: “Why?” Is Just the First Question

jasonfoster Analytics, Blog, Business Intelligence

Wheaties and beer may be the breakfast of ex-champions, but Pop-Tarts and beer appear to be the breakfast of hurricane evacuees.  Back in 2004, Hurricane Frances was on its way across the Caribbean heading toward Florida’s coast, in the wake of Hurricane Charley which had arrived several weeks earlier.  A week prior to the storm’s predicted landfall, Wal-Mart’s chief information …

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What IS the “Analytics Cloud”?

crmpractice Analytics, Applications, Blog, Salesforce

After Dreamforce 2014, you might have already heard of Salesforce.com’s newest offering, the “Analytics Cloud”. If you’re like many of our clients, you’re asking yourself, “What’s it all about, and what does it mean to Salesforce customers like me?” Put quite simply the “Analytics Cloud” is Salesforce’s new Business Intelligence & Analytics tool. Until now, customers seeking advanced BI & ...