Our Culture

“I love how we not only get to do good work, but we work at doing good.  Every month there are volunteer activities organized so we can give back to the community.  I’ve worked for companies who say they offer a good work/life balance, but this is the first company that truly means it.”

“Statêra is a culture and values driven company. We care deeply about finding people that share our values and can fit into our culture.  Our alumni tell us over and over that what they miss about Statêra is the feeling of family, the client for life spirit, integrity, trust and collaboration.  I truly believe that if you get your company culture right, success will follow.”

– Karey Brown, VP Recruiting 

“I consider my colleagues my friends.  I would rather work with my friends than strangers.  It is just a bonus we are all the best at what we do too.”

“The icing on the cake has been Statêra’s repeated expression of interest in my well-being.  This place appreciates its employees and the wellness program is top-notch!”