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Stop the CRM Insanity

It’s no secret many organizations have implemented CRM software solutions with minimal business gains. Why is it that companies continue to make the same mistakes with CRM implementations years later after continuous published failure rates?

Gartner forecasts that CRM spending will continue to increase as many organizations rush to implement or upgrade to new solutions.

There are many ways to resurrect a lifeless CRM implementation. Here are four tactics to get your CRM investment back on-track:

1.  Improve Commitment

Commitment is key, but in order to earn commitment, leadership has to be fully bought-in, relentlessly supportive, and end users have to feel like they are getting return on their investment of time.


  • Lead a management coaching session to ensure CRM is being used effectively & efficiently by managers.
  • Disseminate a health-check survey to get your finger on the pulse of key obstacles preventing adoption.
 2.  Develop a Clear Vision

Establish a purpose, create a shared sense of urgency, and ignite energy and passion around your CRM.


  • Define a clear, compelling case that outlines the “What’s in it…” for:

o   The Organization

o   Each Department

o   The Individual User

Ensure you establish clear metrics to map the ROI back to your overall corporate strategy!

  • Establish & maintain a sense of urgency. Show the risks of failure and the benefits of success.
 3.  Build Accountability

People are pretty simple. They typically want to know three key things:

  • What do you want me to do?
  • What tools will be provided so I can do it?
  • What happens if I do or don’t do it?


  • Set clear expectations on standard processes and guidelines.
  • Determine what motivates your users and map out a plan that outlines a reward and consequence system tied to performance management.
 4.  Drive Data Integrity

No matter how much you invest in a CRM tool, bad data in is still bad data out. The value of the output is based on the richness of the input.


  • Establish a data governance strategy.
  • Employ data stewards to manage and maintain governance and standards.


Bio: Erin is a Director in Statêra’s Business Transformation practice. Erin has over 15 years of experience helping Fortune 500 companies derive quicker value and reduced risk from their technology implementations by focusing on the ‘people’ side of change. When she’s not inspiring adoption, she is running (slower than turtles trudging through peanut butter, but running), and enjoying time with her 2-year old daughter Ella, supportive husband Todd, and loyal canine companion Buckley.