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Why You Need Recruiting Experts

Your software engineering position has been open for 9 months.  You’ve posted the job to several sites, you’re not getting many resumes, and you’re not getting the right skill level that you’re looking for.  Trust us, we’ve heard this many times from clients over the years.

Why does your company need a great recruiter?


Most hiring managers and executives are internally focused. They don’t know who their competition has hired over the past 6-12 months, but a great recruiter will know this. Recruiters who work in the trenches every day know what is going on in the IT industry.

Casting a Wider Net

A good recruiter should have a network and a referral system to leverage that would otherwise not be tapped using the Internet alone.  The candidate you want is most likely not looking for a job.  These candidates don’t circulate their resumes or respond to your job postings.  Seasoned and experienced recruiters will seek out the candidates and make them aware of your position, saving you a lot of time and legwork.  A great recruiter will persuade a prospect to take a look at your opportunity and to make a move.  They will learn what motivates this candidate to make a change….money?…less travel?…..benefits?…new challenge?   A great recruiter will also be able to weed out the candidates who have the wrong motivation for change.

Time and Cost

There is a huge IT talent shortage across the Unites States today and it takes a lot of time and focus to find the right candidate for your company.    Hiring managers and executives do not have the time to make hundreds of phone calls each week to candidates, and the cost of an internal team to handle hiring processes adds up.  E.g.  Salaries, benefits, overhead expenses, applicant database maintenance, web site postings etc.

When you use a recruiter, you benefit from their skills and their existing networks while saving yourself time and money. It helps you find more candidates that are better qualified and likely a much better fit for your business.