Service Console and Knowledge Search

Lets talk about Service Console and Knowledge Search. How much do you know about it? What does it do? What features does it have? So glad you asked!   Recommendations as You Type One of the great features of Service Console is the ability to have the Knowledge Sidebar recommend articles as a user types […]

How Not to Become the Scapegoat in Consulting

There is an old story about two goats. One was to be slaughtered as a sacrifice, and the other to bear all of the sins of the people and be dispatched into the wilderness, never to return. This so-called “scapegoat” carries on it’s head the full scope of guilty, rebellious, and immoral behavior as an […]

FOODIES & (sales)FORCE: Salesforce Partnership

Welcome back to Foodies and Force, Statera’s ongoing podcast series that takes a look at different topics in the Salesforce ecosystem — and food! Todays topic: Statera’s partnership with Salesforce. How long has Statera been a certified consulting partner, what are the advantages of working with a partner and why should all of this matter […]

Salesforce DX: What You Need to Know

Imagine, your enterprise has a team of engineers working simultaneously on a variety of scope items. Eventually development may overlap, slowing development and potentially causing costly production issues when the scope items are deployed between orgs using change sets. Additionally, Product Owners are not always informed of development by other squads that might impact their […]

Deal Desk Automation: The Heart of Digital Transformation

What is deal desk? Good question! Simply put, it provides a consistent process for approving complex, non-standard pricing and/or contract terms by leveraging cross-functional teams that may include Sales, Sales Operations, Finance, Product Management, and Legal.  Deal desks are popular in B2B companies; more than 70% have a deal desk in their Sales organization.  Executing […]

Obligation Management: What You Need To Know

Companies today are ever vigilant to monitor incoming revenue, but how many take the time or effort to identify lost revenue inside their own organizations? Obligation management is an area where bleeding revenue may be occurring. Additionally, if obligation management is not something that you have considered there is a possibility that you may also […]