The Power of Social Collaboration

[blockquote cite=”Gartner, 2013″ type=”left, center, right”]“Through 2015, 80% of social business efforts will not achieve the intended benefits due to inadequate leadership and an overemphasis on technology.”*[/blockquote]

It seems that everything is social these days. At least it feels like everything needs to have a social element to be considered relevant. Everyone, from companies to not-for-profits to government agencies, is jumping on the bandwagon in the hope that the social dream will come true for their organizations.

The leap into the social realm is often just that, a leap of faith that the organization will be able to capitalize on the prevalence of social in our individual lives, without a clear plan of how to get there. In the rush to get on board, many organizations forget that there are two sides to the social story. There is social media – the Twitters and Facebooks of the world – and then there is social collaboration. Organizational use of social media attempts to make that organization’s products or services relevant to consumers and top of mind. Social collaboration is the internal side of social that seeks to make the most of available technology and newly adopted behaviors to make employees more productive in their daily work.

If you want to capitalize on social media, you need to have a plan and you should follow these guidelines:

  • Know who you’re trying to target and choose your platforms wisely.
    • Not all platforms are right for your organization or will reach your target audience
    • Developing a presence on multiple platforms is time consuming and difficult to maintain over time
  • Create a persona for your organization.
    • Go in with a plan of what kinds of messages you want to share and stay relevant to your target
    • If you want to be funny, be funny, but don’t switch personalities because you’ll end up alienating your followers
  • Stick with what you know.
    • In virtual interactions, just like in real life, people respect people (and organizations) that keep it real
    • Don’t post just to post; posting fluff is insulting to your fan base and they know it

Our White Paper on “The Power of Social Collaboration” outlines the differences between social and collaboration, why social collaboration is pertinent for successful business growth, and best practices to implement social collaboration.  Download our white  paper to learn more.


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