Omni-Channel Service – Bridging the Gap Between Inbound Service Channels

Today’s Customer Service organizations are trying to invest in new service channels to meet the needs of their consumers. Existing core technologies already handle service originating from Calls, Emails and Web; however recent customer behavior has added Social Media, SMS, Chat, Apps and Voice Chat. The opportunities to engage and serve continue to grow.

Omni-channel represent the different points of origin a Service request. A service request may be made in a 1 to 1 channel, such as email, phone call or via a web ticket. Our traditional systems are able to bridge all gaps in this scenario. However, today a Service request may start via Twitter or Facebook in a 1 to many forum. Capturing our response to these scenarios, and creating an incredible customer experience is a challenge.

Customer Service executives face a huge challenge in where to invest. After identifying what channels consumers are on, it’s vital to identify how to provide service in that channel.  It’s especially difficult to blend new service technologies with previous investments into core technologies, reporting and data warehousing. Analysis of core systems for flexibility, and ability to expand, is crucial as budgets are still not growing.

The key component is your CRM. Is it robust enough to apply new and future adaptations to meet the needs of your audience? Can it be added on to? Are you bundling services for commons social media resources?

Service agents also need to adapt. A common misconception is the “millennial” audience speaks on social media daily so they will be agents who easily adapt. In reality, the art of professional, customer-centric service is in the delivery and is a learned skill. We want to marry their skills on social media with the consistent art of professional service. Our quality proofing needs to also adapt to the new service experience and guarantee the consistency and excellence of the service experience.

Expertise in omni-channel service will blend a robust technical engine with service delivery, data storage, reporting and quality proofing. A well-executed introduction of new services blending with existing channels will unify the experience and present a consistent brand voice. The evolving service experience can be equal to or better than the original telephone path!

About Cindie Smith

Cindie is a Statêra Consultant who has worked in Gaming, Call Centers, and Financial Services.  Previously she ran Customer Service organizations for QUALCOMM, PlayStation, Firefly Mobile, ICT (exclusive to Virgin Mobile) and MCI. She was also named a thought leader in 2012 at Frost and Sullivan Customer Service Xperience West for Self-Service Customer Service and Web based Customer Service.  Cindie will be  presenting at the Nexus 2016 conference in San Francisco, CA May 12th 2016 on Omni-Channel Service.