You Can’t Fake Expert


Hire a professional? Psshh please. With the internet king of DIY tutorials: 46 ways to play guitar like a pro, 5 steps to successful ERP implementation, or 7 ways to transform your business model; we become self-employed experts. When did a post with the highest number of views, likes and hearts become the best practice? As business and technology professionals, we see this DIY scenario play out in organizations, typically resulting in re-implementations or taking over projects which never seem to complete due to lack of expertise and experience. Having easily accessible information over the internet is valuable input but having the right person with the right tools is necessary. “Who is where the magic begins, or where the problems start.”[1] Here are some “A ha’s” where hiring an expert could be your light bulb moment:

Not all jobs are DIY

While enthusiasm, sense of urgency and semi-moderate skill level can be present, it’s a slippery slope to overcome the challenges from lack of experience.  You need someone who has “been there and done that” to avoid common pitfalls and evaluate opportunity cost. With rework comes great co$t. Finding professionals who offer the proper expertise and critical thinking will identify known challenges, obstacles and risks. Knowledge is power, including knowing your limitations.

The right tools for the right job

As technology evolves, we are lucky to have endless amounts of information and recommendations at our fingertips, but introduces the dilemma of how to choose? Having a professional perform tool selection and analysis will weigh and measure the various options for your specific objective.  Unless you have personal experience, can you truly recommend which tool is the right one for the job at hand. When you hire a professional you are able to leverage their toolbox of best practices, methodologies, frameworks and most importantly the lessons learned and the best way to implement to get the job done.

Time is money

Instantaneous—that’s how we want our coffee and ROI. With a scarcity of dedicated resources across the workplace, and lack of prioritizing intake, sense of urgency is lost. Hiring professionals provides a dedicated team to drive an effort in a specified time-frame to create a sense of urgency, achieving the expected results. This allows clients to obtain subject matters experts in an efficient and scalable manner.

Leave a mark, your reputation matters!

When you hire a professional, it is more than a project.  It is (or should be) their passion!

We are accountable for client’s success and can be an impartial catalyst for business transformation.  Our clients are our livelihood and our personal and professional imprints are left with them. Recognizing our impact on the increased business value is what fuels our passion for our clients and the quality of work we deliver.

Statê​ra consultants help companies drive towards rapid results and evolution by aligning overall strategy with operations, technology and talent. We are solution agnostic, focusing on what is best for our clients’ unique needs. Our balanced methodology, skilled consultants, investment and commitment to your success enables Statê​ra to become a valued strategic partner and trusted advisor.

[1] Geoff Smart, and Randy Street, Who: The A Method for Hiring. (New York: Ballantine Book, 2008), 2.