The Great Interview Question

I was recently sent an article from the President or our company on recruiting that seemed to really hit home. I thought so much about it that I had to move it along for others to read. It is worth a share to other recruiters and hiring managers alike.

Recruiters need to use this as one of their interview tools as it really does tell a lot about what makes this person tick and how their personality and mindset would work in your organization. I have now added it to my tool set and excited to start using it. As mentioned in the article I believe I will see the gamut of responses and hopefully it will result in better hires and the hiring of top performers.

The Article: “Here’s the Single Interview Question to End All Interview Questions”

What is the best interview question?

What did you to to prepare for this interview? 

With a single question, you can:

  • Find out whether the candidate has a learning mindset
  • Get an idea of how the person approaches problem solving
  • Gain insight into the individual’s personality
  • See how important this job is to the person

Best of all, you’ll see a real-life example of the level of preparation the candidate is willing to put forth for an important project.

As this article points out it is very important for the candidate to research the company before the interview, however it is also as important for recruiters to know their candidates just as well. After 28 years of recruiting, I ensure I update the candidate information on our ATS (Taleo). Every time I look at an old or new candidate I update Taleo with notes on if there was any job change, any updated skills, new industry experience, if moved to another part of the city (or out of state), a new certification, a promotion, etc. This does a number of things to help me and my fellow company recruiters when we search for talent. It saves TIME.

In many cases, very quickly, we can determine if this is someone we want to reach out to or save time by not calling. Notes from interviews with our company, notes from previous managers about the quality of work the person has performed, notes from one of our consultants who worked with the individual, notes on excessive job movement, etc.  All kinds of information that can help you quickly assess the quality of the person fitting your requirement and if not, you will not waste a lot of time going down a dead end if you have been keeping good notes in the database along the way. We have notes in Taleo that span 20+ years and we know the good ones to call and network through and the ones we don’t have a desire to call. We are watching YOU and do perform Google searches, Facebook searches, social media vetting etc. which goes a lot further than your resume and listed references.

So researching your candidates is as important as the candidates researching the company they are interviewing with. Do your research because we are researching YOU !

About Milt Marle

Milt is a Senior Recruiter and previous IT professional with over 35 years of combined experience in the Denver / Colorado area.  The last 25 years has been as an IT recruiting specialist in the Denver / Colorado area.  Early IT career was Developer/Applications Manager experience with companies like EDS and MCI in various industries including Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Retail, and Banking. Number 5 employee in helping to start Statera 14 years ago and still going strong. Enjoy matching great people with great opportunities and spending the weekends hiking Colorado !!