Get Ready For Application Modernization

Invest Wisely

In today’s world where everyone is consumed with modern threats like cybersecurity, data theft, compliance, and increased competition from all angles, how can it be that 72% of global IT spend is assigned to keep-the-lights-on functions  rather than directly contributing to business growth, innovation, and competitive advantage? The lack of funding for new projects has led to a growing divide between business and IT, as business needs are often underserved when it comes to:

  • Transforming services and products through rapid innovation
  • Connecting with customers through new applications and digital channels
  • Empowering employees by creating a secure and productive workplace
  • Improving decision making through real-time access to data, reporting and analysis
  • Ensuring ongoing compliance with government, industry, and company standards

By investing in an Application Modernization effort that includes cloud-based capabilities like PaaS, Containers and Serverless computing, customers are laying the foundation for next generation enterprise capabilities and the future growth of their company.

When to Modernize

While it may feel like there is no “right time”, there are a number of business drivers that can kickstart an Application Modernization initiative:

  • To address unsupported software/hardware or costly contract/license renewals
  • To protect critical business assets at risk due to aging infrastructure
  • To deliver on customer or employee demand for modern capabilities
  • To consolidate datacenters following merger or acquisition activity

Real Outcomes for Real Customers, For Real

Digital transformation is essential for every business, regardless of industry, location, and size. Leading companies are embracing new technologies at a pace never seen before in order to engage customers, enable employees, transform products, and optimize operations.

As a nationally managed Microsoft partner with multiple Gold competencies, Statera has helped hundreds of clients around the globe transform and modernize their businesses. We can scale with your needs and identify the best approach to modernizing every application, whether they be Microsoft-centric or open source.

Where to Start

We often start with a 3-4 day assessment, which allows us to inventory your core applications and determine the overall suitability for cloud migration, be it to re-host, re-factor, re-architect, or re-build. Once your assessment is complete you will receive your application assessment results and scoring, a customized “roadmap” for application modernization, an overview of risks and complexities, and a forecast for Azure consumption.

For more information on our Application Modernization offering or to get started with a 3-4 day Assessment, click here.


[SW1]Source 1. Data source: Forrester IT Survey, 2013

Forrester Research survey of IT leaders at more than 3,700 companies, respondents estimated that they spend an average 72% of the money in their budgets on such keep-the-lights-on functions as replacing or expanding capacity and supporting ongoing operations and maintenance, while only 28% of the money goes toward new projects.


Written by Seth Weddon, Statera Principal & Ryan McIntyre, Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect