Business Strategy in the Fortnite Era

In thinking about the concept of Business Strategy, I cannot help but draw certain parallels between it and the popular video game Fortnite. For those who may not be as familiar, Fortnite is a “cooperative shooter survival game” made for up to four players. 

Be the Last Person Standing

After taking a shotgun hit from a bouncing Viking, I thought it was time to reflect on my combat skills. No, it wasn’t some muddled dream, but a turn at the most popular game in the world – Fortnite Battle Royale. After my children asked me time and time again to play with them, I said yes to a world where there was only one objective – be the last person standing.

Something Different

When starting I thought it might be like so many first person shooter games I had played in the past, but I quickly realized this was a different sort of game. Not only were there guns and grenades, but there were also building materials and construction designing. As the gaming community had moved on from simple point and shoot concepts, it reminded me that the world waits for no person – or company, as it continues to evolve. With  that in mind, you better be on the (floating) bus, or be content to just watch it on YouTube as it flies away.

Reactive vs Preemptive

The concept of business strategy is the same. If you focus your time on reacting to problems and doing the same things year after year, you will miss what the world is interested in now and not be included as the game evolves. You won’t even understand it, and will find yourself lost to the new tactics to win.

Watch and Learn

After being dispatched for a fifth time one night, I took the opportunity to watch my executioner as he continued to play. I was shocked when I realized how he went about dispatching opponents, building structures in the moment and maneuvering to gain a height advantage and hit challengers from above. He was thinking in three dimensions, where as I had been thinking in two. It was so obvious to see how I never had a chance, as I was trying to compete with ‘well established’ tactics in this new age.

Aim to Win

And that is strategy. Literally, it is a plan of action designed to achieve an aim. In Fortnite, it cannot be any more literal than that. It is so wildly successful, because it is so clear. Aim to win. Business is the same. If you do not have a solid understanding of what you are aiming to do, you will not accomplish your goal – and may not even know how to play. We are no longer in a two dimensional world, and we need to stop thinking that we are.
The classic approach we used in years past may allow one to pick off a competitor from time to time, but it will not allow you to win the game (or maybe even realize you don’t know how to play). A lack of understanding is just as bad as not having the tools (or weapons) to play.

Final Thoughts

Now, before buying the currently hyped technology or shiny new capital expense collateral you need to understand the game you are playing and create a strategy on how you will win. If you don’t, you will just be another casualty on the way to someone else’s’ victory dance. And aren’t we all looking to achieve our own victories?


Stay tuned for future posts that will take a deeper dive into the world of business strategy. For more information immediately, visit the Statêra website here.



About Mark Eckert
Mark is a management executive with over 25 years’ experience gained through a variety of corporate roles & projects. Roles included executive positions in business strategy & transformation, program & project management, change management and client engagement, as well as direct oversite of corporate initiatives and projects. Projects have spanned over a dozen industries, been technical and business-centric, and occurred at the regional and global level.