Month: October 2018

Moving Data to the Cloud Using AWS Snowball

As more and more companies realize the value of the cloud, the conversation quickly moves from should we use the cloud, to how do we get the initial data into the cloud to begin the migration? The AWS Snowball is the solution we used for one client, but this is by no means the only […]

Technology Implementation: Don’t Forget About the PEOPLE

People, process, technology. People. Process. Technology. We hear these three words together so often, it’s easy to forget their individual and interdependent roles in making a business run smoothly and effectively. So what do they really mean for a business? These three concepts are the who and how business gets done. They are what takes […]

Why Gamification is Moving at Lightning Speed

The hype cycle for gamification is coming to its best conclusion: We’re off the peak of inflated expectations, and Salesforce is a ripe environment for growing your gamification clout. The gaming industry has moved into the mainstream and a remarkable number of people are happily “achievement hunting” via mobile devices, computers and gaming systems. Gamification […]