Your Culture is Your Brand

Company culture is a topic that comes up in almost every interview. When candidates are asked what they are looking for in a company, 9 times out of 10 the answer is a “good company culture.” But what exactly does that mean?


It means different things to different prospective employees, but here are the top answers I hear:

Employee development and coaching.

It is very important to candidates to work on challenging projects where they are continuously learning and building on their experience. A company with a structured training process has high employee retention. Companies who leverage the strengths of their employees and ask for input on how to tackle issues will challenge individuals to develop creative solutions, unlock their potential and bolster their level of engagement. It’s easy to pass out orders, but asking and listening to employee input, as well as providing daily feedback, will unveil some hidden talents and make everyone feel respected, valued and empowered.

Strong leadership.

Employees want to work for leaders who are 100 percent committed to making positive changes in the company. Having an open-door policy, where leadership is approachable and open to new ideas, is part of having a great company culture. Leaders who take a team-centered approach and are in the trenches with their team are the most successful. This helps build respect and empowerment among team members.

Collaboration, teamwork and cooperation.

Trust, respect, transparency and communication are key values that make for good collaboration in the workplace. Transparency and honesty are highly desired factors on a team, and if these elements are missing, team members need to feel comfortable talking about it. Make sure everyone on the team is part of the agenda for team meetings. These meetings are a good time to define your team values . This will help avoid building a culture that creates in-fighting and unhealthy competition within your organization.


Culture is about the employees and making sure they have a fun and productive work environment. When your employees are happy, they are loyal and companies perform better. When you focus on culture, you create your company brand. Your culture can be used as a great recruiting tool. From the second a candidate walks into an office, they should feel a unique culture and immediately feel like it’s a place they want to come to work. A positive culture will help attract top talent in a tight marketplace .



About Karey

Karey oversees Statêra‘s recruiting efforts and has over twenty years of recruiting experience. Her responsibilities include managing our recruiting team across North America, as well as coordinating all functions related to the recruitment process.