Developing a New Competency: Are You Change Ready?

When talking about Change Management at Statêra we often ask, “what percentage of a projects benefits and outcomes depend on employees adopting, embracing and utilizing the new system?” There are organizational change management methods, communications and trainings that your organization can and should put in place to support employees through that change. But what can you do for yourself to become more change savvy, more change ready, more attractive as a professional who is change competent, and thus, competent through the change overall? Lets take a look.

Change Ready

I recently attended Prosci’s ® Enterprise Change Management Bootcamp. We spent an exhilarating day with Tim Creasy, Prosci ® Change Management guru, learning about going beyond project-by-project change management to full organizational change competency where leadership and employees are both “change ready” and skilled for whatever comes next. We also looked at the significant business value of that overarching competency. Hearing this you might be saying, “wow, that sounds great, but my organization is far from that level. We are still working on getting some change management on some key projects.”  Ok, understood. The good news however, is employees can increase individual change competency and readiness on their own as well. Not only is this of value to an organization, but for personal and professional attractiveness as well. It showcases an employee as someone who is proactive and leads by example when those waves of change inevitably come. When others are bogged down by “change saturation”, the change ready employee is moving with it and contributing noticeable value.

“How do I do that?” you ask. Three suggestions to get started:

  1. Read ADKAR, How to Implement Successful Change in Our Personal Lives and Professional Careers by Jeffrey M. Hiatt (Prosci Research, Fort Collins, CO). Yes, seriously, I’m suggesting you read a change management book. Why? This book nails it when it comes to dealing with normal human behavior and being confronted with change; and how to transform human resistance to readiness through Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement.
  2. Self-manage your own resistance so your organization does not have to add extra time and budget due to your resistance.
    • Notice how you are responding when a change is announced.
    • Get on the side of finding new solutions rather than hesitating and contributing to confusion and negativity.
    • Communicate openly and honestly with forward movement as the goal.
  3. Help your team members through your personal example of change competency. One team member who is positive, proactive, facing and acting on current reality, can influence their whole team into successful action. Become that team member.


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About Debra

Debra Larsen is a Director at Statêra. Passionate about change management and business transformation, she is a Prosci®’ Certified Change Practitioner and Statêra’s Change Management lead.