Managed Services: Is it Right for My Business?

To buy or to lease?

In technology we frequently run into this conundrum. So to speak. More specifically, do I hire (buy) or do I elect to bring on a managed services provider (lease)? This can be a tricky question to answer, but ultimately I think it all comes down to three components that will give you the answer you need when it comes to Managed Services.


Advantages of Supplementing Resources

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you’re moving to New York City. You will need a car or moving truck in order to transfer your belongings to the city, but afterwards may not need one in order to get around.  In this scenario it would make more sense to rent a car or get a short term lease instead of buying one, right?

The same is true of resources. If your need is not long term, it might make the most sense to simply supplement your own internal resources rather than growing your team. In this scenario taking on a managed services contract can be a great answer. A great advantage of this option is that helps alleviate technical debt. Aka why pay for a resource in perpetuity if it they are really only necessary for an occasional heavy lift? With a managed services agreement you can simply use the hours you have in your “bucket,” and latter determine whether it’s worth the cost of renewing the resource at the end of the contract term.


Talent Shortage

Finding and attracting the best talent is hard. Period.

That may sound harsh, but one of the unfortunate realities of working in the Salesforce ecosystem is that talent is in short supply. Just take a look at last year’s salary surveys of Salesforce resources to see just how much companies are willing to spend on them. Average earnings increased by 17.3% since 2016 and that’s not including the fancy perks!  Why is that a challenge? It means a lot of A+ resources are not actively seeking a new opportunity and thus are less likely to be applying for the new opportunities your company is hiring for.

This is where managed services comes into play. It allows your company to be able to deliver the same level of performance, without having to compete with the large salary and benefits offerings that come with hiring a new employee.

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This is one of the best part of Managed Services. How come? You are able to get more than one specific skill set with your contract. For example, it would be like owning a sports car that could be swapped out for a truck when you are moving to a new city. Once the move is over, you could swap back to the sports car. This same “swap” could be nice when you need a change in skill set in your business. Need an admin? Absolutely. How about a developer? No problem. An architect? Sure thing.


When puzzling over if and how to hire a new resource, take a minute and ask if managed service might be a better option for the moment. The flexibility and versatility that it allows can make it a cost effective and efficient option to meet your needs.

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About Addison:

Addison Lancaster is a Client Advisor at Statera. Addison specializes in Managed services and works with clients to find the right fit for their unique needs and maximize ROI. When not in the office he enjoys attending seminars, going to the gym, and exploring Colorado.