An Interview with Statêra President Brad Weydert

Brad, 2019 has brought some major changes for Statêra. Could you tell us more about those changes and what they mean for the company moving forward?

I can definitely say that 2019 is going to be a very exciting year for Statêra! In late 2018 we came across an interesting opportunity to sell the Microsoft practice of our business. We realized a few years ago that we were trying to do too many things and we needed to narrow down our focus. The strategic buyer of the practice, Catalyte, felt the practice would be a highly valuable asset for their continued growth. For Statêra, going all in on our Salesforce practice has allowed us the opportunity to continue to grow organically and further make investments in our employees and service line capabilities.

Could you tell us a little bit more about the decision to go “all in” on Salesforce?

This is a decision we have been thinking about for quite some time. The market for Salesforce services is very robust and continues to grow 20% year over year. According to IDC the Salesforce ecosystem will create 3.2 Million jobs by 2022. Knowing this and the strategic timing of our shift in focus, we knew it was time to go “all in.” We also know that we need to continue our focus on Salesforce, the customer experience and our robust Quote to Cash expertise. This is going to allow us to also keep our eye on the ball and focus on our client’s success while being able to grow our employee’s careers.

What are the potential challenges?

According to Keith Block, Co CEO at, the # 1 thing that keeps him up at night is that Salesforce needs to be retraining their employees based on the new platforms and offerings. All of us in the Salesforce ecosystem face the same challenges. With so many new jobs being created there is simultaneously a shortage in Salesforce talent. Demand for Salesforce developers and architects are largely exceeding the supply. For example, when it comes to Salesforce developers there are approximately 4 job openings for every 1 available candidate. And for Salesforce Technical Architects, the ratio jumps to 10:1!

Our goal in 2019 is to attract and hire top talent, train and retrain our existing workforce and to hire and train the next generation of Salesforce consultants entering the workplace.

What is your vision for 2019?

While 2019 will be an exciting year, it will also be a challenging one as the marketplace evolves. This will be the first time in our company’s history that we will be focusing 100% on the Salesforce market and that is very exciting. We will be helping our clients and ensuring that they get an exceptional customer experience through the wide breadth of talent Statêra has to offer. All of this requires a lot of discipline, the right attitude, a hunger for success and of course a lot of training and knowledge transfer. It also requires a lot of change management, so we need to practice what we preach. We could not be more excited for this year and our continued efforts to successfully move forward in the Salesforce ecosystem as a partner, as firm, and as Salesforce users ourselves.


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About Brad Weydert

Brad’s leadership and management expertise covers the full range of operational and sales functions and spans over 25 years in the IT industry. Brad’s entrepreneurial experience includes founding Raymond James Consulting, IQNavigator and Statêra. Under his leadership, Statêra has grown to nearly $25M in annual revenues across the US and in Canada and Europe.