Using Pardot to go from Prospects to Profits

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” – Andrew Davis


I think we can agree up front that we all are constantly striving to better connect with our customers and gain a better understanding of their needs. To say this can be challenging though, is a drastic understatement, especially if you are a B2B space. It is no longer optional to have personalized and dynamic content, it is a baseline requirement. Businesses have more options and information at their fingertips than ever before. This is why marketing management systems are also no longer optional and products like Pardot have risen to the top.


What does it do?

Chances are you have heard of Pardot, but if not no need to fret. Let’s give it a quick breakdown. Pardot is essentially a demand generation engine specializing in the B2B space. It truly is a “one stop shop” for all of your marketing needs. Need to create some drip campaigns? Easy. Track the views on your new campaign landing page? Done. Integrate leads with your CRM platform? Sent and completed. See what we mean? It’s as easy as it is efficient.


What makes Pardot different?

You may be thinking, “Ya, ya, ya, every marketing automation platform makes those promises. What makes Pardot different?”

What sets it apart is the lead scoring features, seamless integration to CRM systems, list segmentation, and the workflow and dynamic content features. Pardot sees your customer through their entire journey from prospect, to client, to client for life.


Why is this important?

Whether it is gaining a new logo or nurturing a prospect into a client for life, Pardot turns prospects into long term profits for your business. When your marketing engine is streamlined and prepped from the first touch of a cold contact to the hand off of a hot lead to the sales team, everyone in your business wins. Churning marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads is the fuel that drives your business, and Pardot is the match. So why wait, light up your content and watch the success catch fire.




About Morgan

Morgan is the marketing administrator at Statêra and has strong experience working with the Salesforce platform. She is a graduate of the University of Wyoming and has a background in marketing and outreach.