Five Questions with Statêra VP Lori Sanders

This week we were fortunate enough to sit down with Statêra VP, Lori Sanders, and ask her a couple of questions about the business.


1.       Lori, tell us a little bit about your role and background at Statêra.

Of course! I have been with Statêra for 8 years. I’m responsible for the delivery organization at Statêra and my number one responsibility is to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services. My team includes 50+ very talented consultants that help make this happen.


2.       Recently, there was a change to Statera’s business and go-to-market. Why did you decide to go “all in” on Salesforce?

As Salesforce partners, Salesforce has always been a core focus for our business. We decided to make it official and give it 100 percent of our focus. We have been adjusting our business over the last few years to drive this focus through our strategy and resources. This change helped to reinforce that focus throughout our organization. We believe in the Salesforce ecosystem and our resources love doing Salesforce work!


3.       What has been the effect for the business so far since this change?

Our customers and Salesforce employees have more belief in our dedication to the Salesforce ecosystem. The only way we succeed is if they succeed! It has also allowed us to streamline our efforts in our go to market approach. Having a clear message on what our priorities and skill sets are is huge. “All in on Salesforce” permeates throughout our entire organization and effects everything we do in our business.


4.       What has the change been like on the delivery side of the house?

Prior to going “all in,” Statera had separated in to Service Lines. Before this shift, the delivery resources were already 100 percent focused on doing Salesforce work. There hasn’t been much change in our day to day, but the delivery team is excited about growing our business with Salesforce and loves being able to say we only do Salesforce.  


5.       What can we expect to see from Statêra in the next 12 months in terms of the partnership with Salesforce?

Well, the reason we went all in was to strengthen that relationship so hopefully that becomes a reality! Our goal is to continue to build our name recognition and credibility within Salesforce so that we can both continue to have more and more happy clients. I am a little biased, but I see over and over that clients that invest in Salesforce end up achieving their business goals and have higher satisfaction with their platform in the long-term. That’s the story we want Statera’s name to be associated with.




About Lori

Lori specializes in strategy definition, project planning and execution and process improvement in CRM with an emphasis on She has execution responsibility for work in Business and IT organizations across many industries including Communications, High Tech, Manufacturing, and Financial Services.