Month: August 2019

Obligation Management: What You Need To Know

Companies today are ever vigilant to monitor incoming revenue, but how many take the time or effort to identify lost revenue inside their own organizations? Obligation management is an area where bleeding revenue may be occurring. Additionally, if obligation management is not something that you have considered there is a possibility that you may also […]


Welcome back to Foodies and Force, Statera’s new ongoing podcast series that takes a look at different topics in the Salesforce ecosystem — and food! Todays topic: CPQ (Configure Price Quote). What is it, what is the ROI for your business and what if you are moving from a legacy system? And breakfast burritos as […]

Dreamforce: The Effervescent Salesperson’s Guide

Let’s set the scene – It’s the week of Salesforce’s annual user conference hosted in downtown San Francisco. Hundreds of thousands of Salesforce aficionados, knowledge seekers, and curious customers have flooded into the city’s walls to take part in the most content-packed Salesforce event of the year. It’s a salesperson’s dream surrounded by countless curious […]

Which Avenger is Your Client?

Comparisons to Avengers characters are all the rage on Twitter these days (or were a few months ago – I’m a bit late to the game). Consultants see a lot of “characters” in their clients, so why not nerd up the Avengers game with some job-specific comparisons? And just because I’m nice, I’ll include some […]

Are You Ready For CPQ?

Implementing a CPQ tool is a big undertaking that should never be taken lightly.  No matter how big or small the scope of the project, there will be challenges and decisions to be made. Entire books have been written about each of the following topics but what we want to try to do here is […]