Dreamforce: The Effervescent Salesperson’s Guide

Let’s set the scene – It’s the week of Salesforce’s annual user conference hosted in downtown San Francisco. Hundreds of thousands of Salesforce aficionados, knowledge seekers, and curious customers have flooded into the city’s walls to take part in the most content-packed Salesforce event of the year. It’s a salesperson’s dream surrounded by countless curious customers looking for the next solution to help with their business needs.

While Dreamforce is a paradise for all things Salesforce, the sheer amount of information accessible at the event leaves little time for its attendees to freely explore new options. So, with little free time and no shortage of info, where does a salesperson begin to gain the attention of their prospects?

Rather than asking where, you should be asking yourself, “When do I begin?”


1. Start early

Dreamforce is unlike any other user conference. Its reach is global and attracts customers and prospects in every conceivable vertical. Given the extraordinary scope of this event, make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to begin reaching out to your customers and prospects who may be in attendance.

If this is your first or 16th Dreamforce experience your best bet is to begin outreach as soon as the Dreamforce schedule is released (generally 3 months prior to the start date). Attendees are quick to build their schedules and if you are not a part of the early planning process, your chance of earning their time in San Francisco becomes extremely difficult.


2. Manage time

Once you and your prospect or customer have locked down a time at the event it is vitally important that both parties understand the entire agenda and purpose of the meeting. The ability to present this agenda prior to the meeting will show your prospect that you respect & understand how valuable their time is at Dreamforce.


3. The Week of Dreamforce

Expect the unexpected. Even following these best practices, we cannot always keep the attention of our prospects during Dreamforce. This event is unlike anything many people have experienced and therefore presents a higher likelihood of your prospect not showing for your scheduled meeting. So, how do we combat this?

Stay engaged.

Get a hold of your prospect the week prior to the meeting to not only remind them, but to confirm the time with them. The day of the meeting send them an email or a text message to share your excitement of meeting with them that day. Your chances of having a successful meeting at Dreamforce will exponentially increase by following these steps.


4. Following Up After Dreamforce

Stay top of mind. This is sales 101; However, it is essential to keep your prospects engaged after this event specifically. Their inboxes & voicemails are about to be flooded with hundreds of hungry SDRs and AEs and you’re about to be lost in the shuffle. Your best practice is to schedule a follow up call/meeting when wrapping up your meeting at Dreamforce. If you are unable to meet the week of the event, your follow up outreach needs to be high priority in order to beat the post Dreamforce hoards.

If approached strategically & intelligently, this event offers a win-win-win scenario.


Salesforce wins for successfully linking its customer with a helpful service/tool. The customer wins for successfully finding a way to capitalize on their Salesforce investment. The sales rep wins for successfully helping their customer & Salesforce work more efficiently together.

Salesforce has done an incredible job of building a devoted fanbase and nowhere is our Ohana better witnessed than at Dreamforce.




About Ben

Ben Buhrow is a Business Development Executive Lead at Statera. He likes to develop and deploy business strategies to boost the efficiency of sales teams. Outside of work hours you’ll find him picking on his guitar, watching copious amounts of The Office and/or horror movies, and spending most of his time in the mountains.