Salesforce DX: What You Need to Know

Imagine, your enterprise has a team of engineers working simultaneously on a variety of scope items. Eventually development may overlap, slowing development and potentially causing costly production issues when the scope items are deployed between orgs using change sets. Additionally, Product Owners are not always informed of development by other squads that might impact their ongoing projects. But most important of all, your users are not able to use the system. Now you have another option – Salesforce DX.


What is it?

Salesforce DX is a new way to organize your metadata and distribute your applications using scratch orgs.


What are the benefits?

  • Quicker Deployments
  • Quicker Review process
  • Code Standards
  • Isolated development environments
  • Team ownership
  • Flexibility to build with the tools you know and love




DX is source driven and each developer or configurator will be able to work in a clean scratch org. A new deployment pipeline allows for quicker deployments with less confusion.



What is a Scratch Org?

Scratch orgs are special orgs that are used only for development. They reduce the clutter you have to deal with in existing orgs. You can work with the meta data you want to work with.



What are the benefits?

  • Clean org, no clutter
  • Source driven development
  • Better deployment pipeline
  • Proper Git workflow


For more information, please refer to Salesforce DX Trailheads:




About Joe

Joe Mash is a certified Salesforce consultant.