Organize Your Lightning Page with the Standard Tabs Component and Quick Actions

Are you ready to organize your Lightning Page with the standard Tabs component and quick actions? Allow me to walk you thorough it in nine easy to follow steps. Lets look at an example case:



Sales Manager for the NE Region would like to organize their opportunity detail pages and make them more efficient. Currently, they have several sections defined to help logically break up opportunity fields. However, the Sales Manager is still receiving feedback that the current layout is still not user friendly. Where should they start?



Step 1: Create a quick action for each section of your detail page.

For example if your detail page contains 4 sections, you will create 4 quick actions. To create a new Opportunity quick action select the gear icon > Edit Object > Buttons, links, Actions > New Action > Action Type = Update a Record > Input Label > Select Save.






Step 2: Select Edit Layout and drag and drop the fields onto the canvas to match your detail page section fields and select Save.


Repeat for each section found on your detail page section

Step 3: Create or clone the current Opportunity Lightning Record Page.

Step 4: Drag and drop the Tabs component onto the canvas.

Step 5: Define your Tabs


Step 6: Drag and drop the Related Record component into the Tabs component.

Step 7: Select the Update Record Actions from Steps 1 & 2 into the respected tab.


Step 8: Select Save and Activate your page for the appropriate Org, App, or Profile

Step 9: Navigate back to your Opportunity Record and see your newly updated page.






About Nick

Nick Petersohn is a certified Salesforce Administrator and Senior Consultant at Statera with over 4 years of Salesforce experience. He is a graduate of Colorado State University and the University of Northern Colorado.