Learn to Develop Bespoke UX at the Speed of Lightning with Flow – Part 3

Welcome back for part 3, the final piece of our series about learning to Develop Bespoke UX at the Speed of Lightning with Flow. If you missed the first instalments, click here for part 1 and here for part two. Now, lets dive back in!


Customized Approval Processes

We’ve used lightning flow to create step by step data entry for approval processes. The goal was to reduce the number of fields onscreen for a sales user as they were primarily mobile, but Approvals were a huge hang-up in the process for them. We created a step by step flow that captured the required approval information, submitted the approval, and then tracked the status of that approval for each Opportunity. It was all accessible via mobile and within two taps from an opportunity record. We removed about four validation rules and twenty to thirty custom fields from an Approvals section of a page layout that already had about 100 custom fields. A 30% reduction in clutter and a bespoke process in mobile without a single line of code.


Customer Self Management Portal

One of our clients was suffering from bad customer information. They had to get it right, as they picked up waste materials from their customer’s worksites. They had multiple customers who had outdated addresses and contact information for multiple locations. We created a flow for them that sat in a Customer Community. The flow gave our client’s customers the ability to update existing information and enter new locations. It kicked off a migration of their customers from emails and phone calls to a guided user experience on the web. Ultimately, they found a way to monetize that customer portal by generating new opportunities for existing clients, and it all started with the information management flow. No code.


Contract Management

We have used flow in a number of ways to guide users during the contracting stage of a customer’s lifecycle. Contracts by nature are challenging, but this customer had around thirty different contract templates. We created a step by step guide that helped sales reps send NDA’s for counter signatures with 5 clicks. We then created a guided contract selection flow that helped Sales determine which flavor of SOW was appropriate for their customer. Again, no code required.


Consider Flow

Salesforce continues to increase Flow, having just recently improved the Flow Design UX to make the process of building and maintain flows easier. Organizations looking to improve user satisfaction, data quality, adoption, and time-saving automation should consider Flow as viable option. My assumption is that almost every organization is interested in those things. Flow provides, in this author’s opinion, the most cost effective way to solve UX challenges.





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