Case Study Tag: CPQ

Quest Analytics

Quest Analytics is a software company that offers health plan analysis tools to insurance plan providers, corporate benefits departments and government entities.

Quest had existing Salesforce investments, but they needed to improve their CPQ processes and the accuracy of pricing automation across multiple business functions. They were looking for better visibility into the sales metrics behind their cloud and on-premise offerings, as well.

Part of the solution would involve spreading out the work of configuring products, adding pricing and generating proposals — using an extremely complex pricing model — from the COO to several sales reps. The solution would also involve automating contract generation and creation of renewal quotes.

Although the complex pricing model would remain intact, the process to add products to a proposal with automatically calculated, accurate pricing would need to be simplified so multiple hands could be involved in the new process.


  • The client specializes in gathering feedback from customers then delivering reviews, analytics and targeted media to help businesses improve their products and services.
  • A CPQ (configure price quote) solution was needed to streamline product offerings and provide sales teams with the ability to give accurate and detailed quotes for new products coming to the market.
  • Asset-based ordering was necessary to provide users the ability to manage information about previously purchased products.
  • Client needed to close the loop with their Deal Desk and renewals teams to provide a full 360-degree lifecycle view for their customers.