Client and Need

  • The client specializes in gathering feedback from customers then delivering reviews, analytics and targeted media to help businesses improve their products and services.
  • A CPQ (configure price quote) solution was needed to streamline product offerings and provide sales teams with the ability to give accurate and detailed quotes for new products coming to the market.
  • Asset-based ordering was necessary to provide users the ability to manage information about previously purchased products.
  • Client needed to close the loop with their Deal Desk and renewals teams to provide a full 360-degree lifecycle view for their customers.


  • Deliver product rationalization, user adoption for speed and efficiency of new products, custom integrated CPQ to capture provisioning, and entitlement data integral for renewals and assets projects.
  • Eliminate a large number of SKUs and simplify the pricing and data models that provide accurate quoting abilities.

Value Added

  • The renewals team now has visibility into customer asset history, improving agreement management.
  • Improved buying experience. Customers are now able to renew, swap, and cancel certain products.
  • Approvals and task management handled with automatic workflows.