Commercial Construction Industry Software Applications

Client and Need

  • The client makes over 2 million contracts per year with construction industry professionals to collect, verify, and maintain data on over 165,000 bidding projects and more than 70,000 planning projects in the US and Canada
  • Every document they receive runs through their “optical character recognition” technology to allow searching plans and specifications by keyword and CSI code. They use the latest technology to significantly improve the usability of the construction market data for their customers use
  • One such technology includes moving their products from a legacy third party product system on Salesforce to an Apttus CPQ solution which is built on the platform.
  • The client needed a way to effectively, accurately, and quickly transform and upload raw data from the legacy system into the correct format for the Apttus CPQ objects
  • They also needed a more robust product and subscription management tool that could accommodate a complex derivative-price model and evergreen contract process


  • Built out an Apttus X-Author for Excel migration application with 5 objects, various action flows, and buttons for the clients to easily dump the raw data into 5 Excel spreadsheets
  • Completed a full-lifecycle CPQ implementation on Apttus that includes advanced bundle-in-bundle products with hundreds of options and matrix-based pricing; hundreds of constraint rules; complex price rulesets; dynamic contract templates with DocuSign eSignature; and a completely custom, fully automated subscription renewal system for both Canadian and US business groups

Value Added

  • The company can now cancel their subscription with their legacy products system
  • Their “Active” customers will not see a decrease in their subscription coverage or a change in price tag
  • Sales Management can take a more strategic approach to pricing and retention practices
  • Finance has full visibility into discounting behaviors and SKU-level margins
  • Marketing/Product Management is able to manage product mix and provisioning. Sales Users no longer need to use spreadsheets to generate quotes – instead, they create proposals from an advanced catalog/shopping cart system built in their Salesforce environment
  • Finally, the IT team can now manage products, pricing, subscriptions and renewals all from one system