Commercial Construction Industry Software

Client and Need

  • The client specializes in software for contractors, manufacturers and others in the commercial construction industry
  • A company merger prompted the need to consolidate disparate marketing automation systems into a single platform
  • One of the first phases of this process is to migrate legacy CMD marketing activities into Marketo and retire Eloqua. Moving to Marketo provides the client the ability to establish a unified design and architecture for the entire company’s single marketing platform


  • Completed the Marketo installation, configuration, and program development for CMD Group marketing activities
  • Designed marketing automation solutions built to support the client's unique marketing programs. The team offered marketing and sales process guidelines that streamlined lead capture, lead qualification, lead management, and lead conversion methods
  • Consulted on improvement to existing business practices

Value Added

  • Stabilized the environment via cleaning up bad and missing data, improving account hierarchy, providing sustainable marketing and opportunity management functionality and processes
  • Architected a solution that allows the client to capture, communicate, qualify, and convert leads in their business
  • Documented the processes needed to drive use adoption and sustainable use on future marketing activities.
  • Implemented advanced Marketo components including both one:many and many:many custom objects for improved data sync and scripting tokens for email personalization