Client and Need

Fairbanks Morse, a critical-power system and solution provider headquartered in the US, needed to increase efficiency and improve productivity of multiple teams involved in sales, customer care and field service management.

The company needed to obtain a 360-degree view of every customer account and give its employees access to the same data across multiple departments. Field service managers were looking for a solution that would help them schedule their 70+ field service reps without overlapping in service appointments, as well as give them visibility into availability of techs in all territories.


Statera delivered a successful implementation of a greenfield Salesforce instance that included setting up new users, CRM and FSL. Salesforce CRM was configured out-of-the-box using all standard objects: Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Cases and one custom object: Sites. These objects required integration with Oracle, as Oracle remained the data source and master of customer data.

Salesforce FSL was also configured out-of-the box, leveraging Work Orders, Work Order Line Items, Service Appointments, Dispatcher Console and the FSL Mobile Application. The FSL also required an integration with Oracle in order to link the Work Orders with Projects, Fulfillment and Billing.

Value Added

  • Provided a 360-degree view of customer accounts for sales, customer service and accounting by integrating with Oracle Account Data Master and leveraging SnapLogic as the middleware
  • Implemented Opportunity Management process to give sales a better way of tracking their pipeline opportunities
  • Implemented Case Management to allow customer service track the customers' requests and issues
  • Implemented FSL to give the field service managers an ability to schedule field service technicians in one system, which improved visibility of resource availabilities and increased accuracy of scheduling
  • Implemented Chatter and FSL Mobile application which will improve the cross-departmental communication and collaboration