Global Medical Device Company

Client and Need

  • The client selected Apttus Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) and Contract Management (CM) to improve their current processes with a goal of eventually retiring the existing in house applications, including the interim BAT solution
  • Client is seeking an Apttus certified implementation partner to transition the organization to this new system
  • The goal of this engagement is to implement Apttus CPQ and CM and integrate seamlessly with the existing Partner application while leveraging the foundational work already completed with the RMS implementation


  • Provided expert architectural and technical resources
  • Collaborated with the Client's core project team to design solutions to meet their needs
  • Implemented the Apttus CPQ and CM applications

Value Added

  • Increased Seller productivity
  • Increase Sellers Proposal turnaround time
  • Minimize back and forth between Seller's and Offer Development
  • Make it easy for Sellers to locate customer pricing
  • 360 degree view in a central system of all relevant customer information for any deal. Including (but not limited to) Quote/Proposal information, Agreement information, Documents, eSignature and Approvals