Client and Need

  • Develops and produces evidence-based clinical guidelines and software used by more than 2,200 clients
  • issues impacting business users and clients
  • Needed Statêra to document, analyze, provide recommendations, and optimize their current system


  • Conducted Subject Matter Expert meetings to document business processes supported by the application, inventoried, analyzed, and documentated the functionality, customization, integration, and environments of the application, and performed a comprehensive risk analysis of the project
  • Designed a plan for stabilizing the current environment, as well as identifying opportunities to move customization to native functionality to simplify implementation, and important changes within workflow email alerts to improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Optimized the AMA workflows and end user data collection process by repairing gaps within it, the migration of custom functionality developed using C#/ASP and utilizing Salesforce, domain transition, and the identification and removal of legacy items no longer being used

Value Added

  • Documented system complexity and gaps within current processes
  • Determined the root cause and suggested solutions/best practices for critical issues impacting the system
  • Created a roadmap for additional immediate, mid-term, and long-term system opportunities, categorized based on the business value and complexity
  • Utilized Sites to improve AMA data collection
  • Deployed workflow improvements needed to reflect new business use cases and organizational changes
  • Enabled move to standard development tools and new company domain
  • Led the migration of legacy products to new products
  • Optimized application for ease of future merger of prior Salesforce instance with new Salesforce instances