Large Airline Manufacturer

Client and Need

  • Client specializes in airline manufacturing
  • Desired tools to collaborate with employees and their subsidiary users in order to run their business effectively
  • Wanted to setup a brand for the Digital Aviation
  • Looked to publish news stories to showcase the work being done by the Digital Aviation team
  • Needed routing of various approval forms to the stake holders.
  • Customizations on team sites to present data based on the group needs


  • Implemented and set up Corporate Governance
  • Designed reusable templates by leveraging publishing capabilities of SharePoint
  • Utilized various SharePoint Workloads to setup dashboards, workflows and other customizations

Value Added

  • Statêra used SharePoint to bridge the gap between employees and their subsidiary users by providing a common platform
  • Digital forms and workflows were designed using InfoPath and SharePoint Designer workflows
  • A custom branding was created in SharePoint to demonstrate the Vision, Mission and Values
  • Statêra helped in the implementation of Corporate Governance
  • Statêra helped in increasing the user adoption
  • Various customizations was architected, designed and deployed