Large Automotive Manufacturer

Client and Need

  • Fortune 200 client that needed to on-board over ten disparate lines of business onto a single platform which would integrate and/or retire legacy technolgy across 50+ touch points
  • Client requirements include multiple high-volume call centers, huge data sets, complex integration and multi-phased program methodology


  • Provided expert architectural, program management, and functional and technical resources to support one of the largest Service Cloud implementation to date
  • Encompassed CTI inbound/outbound, IBM WebSphere Cast Iron, Informatica, real-time web services, and heavy modification of the platform via Flow, Apex, and Visual Force
  • Completed replacement/re-engineering across the different lines of business via a series of continuous, incremental releases

Value Added

  • Tremendous visibility into operational metrics and 360 degree view of the customer
  • Scalable and robust system capable of redefining front- and back-end business processes via heavy integration