Large Real Estate Commercial Property Management Company

Client and Need

  • The client specializes in managing space in malls throughout the United States and needed to automate its lease contract management process
  • Previous operations were all manual, very slow and lacked accountability and tracking
  • Client chose Apttus Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and DocuSign to streamline generation, negotiation, approval, and signature process to integrate Sales, Legal and Executive departments' responsbilities


  • Documented and gathered all requirements and provided 154 custom templates and 17 custom clauses
  • Implemented Apttus CLM and Docusign and integrated with existing Salesforce application
  • Delivered custom transformation training with key stakeholders

Value Added

  • Automated capability to generate a lease and select appropriate clause during negotiations
  • Streamlined approval process and reduction in lease management timeframe
  • Visibility into all stages of lease management process