Client and Need

  • The client specializes in franchised, fast-food sandwich shops
  • Desired detailed assessment of the current state IT environment
  • Discovered a need for new IT leadership and a significant re-structuring of the IT organization, staff, processes, and spend
  • Engaged Statêra in a multi-year outsourcing of all IT operations staffing and management
  • Wanted to simplify and remediate an IT infrastructure that was several years out of date, adjust platform licensing to meet the needs of the company, revise the IT spend patterns from past years, move the corporate offices and associated IT infrastructure to a new location, and substantially overhaul the IT processes and image across the company


  • Reorganized data center and vastly simplified the server farm used to support the company, moved all backups to the cloud using an industry leading provider EVault, migrated all email to the cloud leveraging Office 365, and moved all hardware and software POS support to a third party vendor to allow for a smaller, more specialized internal store support model.
  • Utilized SharePoint Online to begin the process of migrating all corporate reporting from older legacy solutions to a newer and more powerful platform.
  • Overhauled many legacy vendor relationships and license agreement, as well as the virtual server environment to ensure stability, reliability, and supportability using VMWare.
  • Simplified key processes for support to allow for a more lean staffing and cost model.

Value Added

  • The Client is more efficient and has a more cost effective operation as a result of the outsourcing arrangement
  • Costs are down by 50%
  • Key tools and associated infrastructure are now cloud-based and the data center footprint is shrinking
  • Support is much more responsive than ever before