Client and Need

  • Natural Gas utility serving Arkansas, Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming
  • System to track and audit different areas of risk involved in all of their opportunities
  • Implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tracking accounts, contacts, and opportunities
  • Develop a more streamlined and defined sales pipeline which would more accurately reflect their current sales


  • Conducted requirements gathering sessions and analysis for the project, as well as configuration, data migration and training
  • Implemented functional and easy to use configuration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Online) in less than 3 weeks, as well as leads to better qualify potential customers

Value Added

  • Solution that meets client's everyday needs while providing a foundation for future growth and expansion
  • Powerful CRM tool to qualify and track customers to a greater level of detail and take advantage of the workflows and formulas built to minimize manual work
  • Integration with Outlook to help track the activity-intensive opportunity selling process