UK Based Information Company

Client and Need

  • The primary purpose of this project was to utilize the Apttus X-Author for Excel (XA) application to insert Excel spreadsheet data into (SFDC) using source data originating from an third party website that collects the data on behalf of the client
  • The XA enhancement to the existing spreadsheet functionality should allow users to import the source data and create new Account, Contact, Asset Line Item, and other related Fulfillment and Billing Management records for online orders placed for magazine subscriptions, webinars and seminars


  • Created two XA apps for P&O upload (magazine subscriptions), and a second app for the webinar and seminar upload.
  • Designed the applications to allow users to paste the source Excel data into the XA applications. Then by clicking through a series of buttons within the XA applications, the various objects in SFDC are populated.
  • Tested the XA applications rigorously through the of loading data as to follow Apttus CPQ and Apttus Billing Management processes.

Value Added

  • Users can now use one tool to import the source Excel spreadsheet into SFDC. Whereas in the past, the source data was imported using a combination of other data loading tools and manual processes
  • Additionally, the XA applications will allow the client to import the data into SFDC in a timely manner and shorten the time to fulfill a customers order for a magazine subscription
  • Shortened the time required to setup a billing schedule for those customers that have attended a webinar or a seminar