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Obligation Management: What You Need To Know

Companies today are ever vigilant to monitor incoming revenue, but how many take the time or effort to identify lost revenue inside their own organizations? Obligation management is an area where bleeding revenue may be occurring. Additionally, if obligation management is not something that you have considered there is a possibility that you may also […]

Contract Optimization – Trajectory To Infinity and Beyond

Welcome to Part 2 of our Contract Optimization blog. In case you did not have an opportunity to read Part 1, you can view it here. In keeping with our theme from Part 1, the Falcon X Heavy rocket, in this blog we will addresses how to achieve each stage of Optimization. “Trajectory” – the […]

Achieving Liftoff with Contract Optimization

Welcome to part one of our series focusing on contract optimization.  The Falcon X Heavy rocket does not just arrive in space by chance. A calculated approach to success requires the necessary components, combined with multiple stages to achieve escape velocity. The cumulative effect of the stages propel it to its destination. Your Organization Destination […]

Let’s Talk CLM and Best Practices

What is CLM, why should I use it, and what can it do for my business? Well before we dive in, think about the following questions. Are your finance and legal departments having trouble communicating? Are deals taking longer to close? Are contracts taking too long to draft up or finalize? If you are having some […]