Upgrading to Lightning: Is it a Cost or an Investment?

Welcome to part one of our newest blog series focused on upgrading to Lightning. If you are a customer with an organization that is on the “Classic” platform, a transformational project is landing on your lap regardless of whether you asked for it or not: “How and when do we migrate to the new […]

6 Steps To Become A Great Consultant

The consulting business has been a new endeavor for me, having only worked in-house roles at previous companies. When I started with Statera, I quickly learned that consulting was going to be much different than my previous roles. Thanks to some great colleagues and clients, here are a few things I’ve learned about how to […]

You Owe It To Your Clients: The Moral Philosophy of Excellent Deliverables

Before I became a consultant and learned the language, I did have a preconcept of “deliverables” in the form of the course syllabus. As a professor, I spent hours each semester writing my syllabi, which entailed scheduling the lectures and reading and writing assignments, as well as providing accumulated wisdom in the form of class […]

Five Questions with Statêra VP Lori Sanders

This week we were fortunate enough to sit down with Statêra VP, Lori Sanders, and ask her a couple of questions about the business.   1.       Lori, tell us a little bit about your role and background at Statêra. Of course! I have been with Statêra for 8 years. I’m responsible for the delivery organization […]

Using Pardot to go from Prospects to Profits

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” – Andrew Davis   I think we can agree up front that we all are constantly striving to better connect with our customers and gain a better understanding of their needs. To say this can be challenging though, is a drastic understatement, especially if you […]

How Salesforce and STATÊRA’s Core Values Align

Building strategic relationships and growing revenue is pretty par for the course when it comes to business partnerships. What is not as common however, is to find partnerships that align on more than just ROI. This is the case with Statera’s partnership with Salesforce. We believe not only in Salesforces’ products and services, we are […]

User Adoption – It’s Not Just About Training

Think about a technology implementation that went live for your business sometime in the last two years: Are you seeing the business results and benefits you expected and counted on since you made both the financial and resource investments to make this change? Is the new system, and associated processes, considered “standard operating procedure” or […]

FOODIES & (sales)FORCE: Support Services

Welcome to the first-ever episode of Foodies and Force, Statera’s new podcast series that takes a look at different topics in the Salesforce ecosystem — and food! First up: Support Services. What are Support Services, and when should you consider bringing it into your business? And what about Taco Bell tacos?? Nam Le talks with […]

Managed v. Support Services: What is the Difference?

Could your organization benefit from some help? Of course it could. In today’s world, employees are constantly asked to take on multiple roles. At some point, however, people (and entire organizations for that matter) can lose touch with what gives them their competitive advantage. People start spending more and more time performing tasks that don’t […]

Contract Optimization – Trajectory To Infinity and Beyond

Welcome to Part 2 of our Contract Optimization blog. In case you did not have an opportunity to read Part 1, you can view it here. In keeping with our theme from Part 1, the Falcon X Heavy rocket, in this blog we will addresses how to achieve each stage of Optimization. “Trajectory” – the […]