Case Study Tag: Optimization



  • Natural Gas utility serving Arkansas, Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming
  • System to track and audit different areas of risk involved in all of their opportunities
  • Implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tracking accounts, contacts, and opportunities
  • Develop a more streamlined and defined sales pipeline which would more accurately reflect their current sales
Molson Coors Wheat

Molson Coors: Salesforce

  • A leading beer company and distributor
  • Re-brand and re-build Salesforce Partner Portal for international beer and merchandise ordering application
  • Re-design of the interface, adding new functionality to their partner portal, and building a custom marketing application


  • Provides best-of-class 3D terrain information to customers worldwide
  • Improve the implementation and maintainability of the current system
  • Identify opportunities for simplification and standardization
shop button keyboard

  • Digital coupon and downloadable deal company with 12 million shoppers and thousands of affiliate stores and brands nationwide
  • Purchased to manage client relationships
  • Reached out to Statêra for training and expert services to improve CRM ROI

Hearst Business Media

  • Develops and produces evidence-based clinical guidelines and software used by more than 2,200 clients
  • issues impacting business users and clients
  • Needed Statêra to document, analyze, provide recommendations, and optimize their current system