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Business intelligence lets you visualize, analyze and understand what’s really happening in your business, in real-time.



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Data only becomes actionable information when you apply business intelligence. Statera has extensive experience delivering results across a wide range of analytics platforms. We bring a unique ability to highlight key metrics that will achieve our clients’ strategic objectives. Our specialties include:

Business intelligence

Business Intelligence

Data Warehouse Modernization

Data Warehouse

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT (Internet of Things)

AI and Predictive Solutions

AI and Predictive Solutions

Data Modernization Assessment

Let us help you assess and craft a vision for a data and analytics revamp. We’ll start with a modernization roadmap that sets a course of action; aligns the business with IT; considers shifting requirements; and identifies new practices for data preparation, exploration and monetization.

Data Modernization Assessment​

Key clients

Red Robin
USA Swimming

Statêra at Aspect Software

The Statêra team migrated more than a billion rows of data and more than half a million document blobs to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Now Aspect is avoiding the risks and hassle of on-prem data storage, and it has unlocked important information that helps people make better decisions.

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