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App Modernization Assessment Program In partnership with Start your journey to modernization Modernize your legacy apps by using containers, serverless computing and other Azure services to deliver innovation, customer insight, faster app delivery, scalability and cost savings. The App Modernization Assessment Program is a 3-4 day assessment of your traditional apps. Statêra will assess your applications based on a variety


Statêra is Latin for balance. We focus tirelessly on process over platform and talent over technology to deliver solutions that match the unique needs of each client and project.


The Statêra team boasts more than 2,000 successful engagements across the country and a number of recent awards and recognitions. Statêra is a culture- and values-driven organization that prioritizes employee well-being and believes strongly in giving back to the community.


Statêra is an IT consulting company that creates custom software solutions for organizations looking to streamline customer experience processes like quote-to-cash, CRM and enterprise collaboration.


Our clients are innovators, measured on ingenuity and impact, even when resources seem overloaded and budgets are tight. So for the last 20 years, Statera has been fixated on delivering eye-opening results for forward-thinking companies around the country.

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Statêra has successfully delivered Salesforce implementations of all sizes and diverse functionality — spanning Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Community Cloud.

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Statêra delivers innovative, user-centered custom technology solutions — and services — across departments and industries. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

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Statêra consultants bring a unique ability to highlight key metrics that will achieve your strategic objectives. Our specialties include: business intelligence, data warehouse modernization, IoT (Internet of Things), and AI and predictive solutions.

Digital Workplaces

We build Modern Workplace solutions that deliver. From simple employee portals to innovative intranets with full process automation, Statêra ensures the right content is positioned with the right technology to boost engagement and increase productivity.

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Statêra is committed to protecting your privacy. We have prepared this Privacy Policy to describe our practices regarding the personal information we may collect from users of our website.


Streamline your sales and contracting processes to drive revenue and improve the customer’s buying experience. Quote-to-cash (QTC) is the complete set of sales processes that start with project scope and end when your customer delivers payment.


We hire smart people to solve difficult business and technical problems. It is a delightful crew — clever and opinionated. And exceedingly nice.

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Case Studies

Quest Analytics

Quest Analytics is a software company that offers health plan analysis tools to insurance plan providers, corporate benefits departments and government entities.

Quest had existing Salesforce investments, but they needed to improve their CPQ processes and the accuracy of pricing automation across multiple business functions. They were looking for better visibility into the sales metrics behind their cloud and on-premise offerings, as well.

Part of the solution would involve spreading out the work of configuring products, adding pricing and generating proposals — using an extremely complex pricing model — from the COO to several sales reps. The solution would also involve automating contract generation and creation of renewal quotes.

Although the complex pricing model would remain intact, the process to add products to a proposal with automatically calculated, accurate pricing would need to be simplified so multiple hands could be involved in the new process.

Sphera Solutions

  • The client specializes in providing integrated risk-management software and information services across a diverse range of industries — focusing on environmental health and safety, as well as product stewardship and operational risk.
  • Sphera needed to quickly set up a Salesforce Sales Cloud environment, loosely based on their existing non-Salesforce environment, after being divested from another company.
  • Sphera’s goal was to automate and optimize their account, lead, opportunity, and quote and order management systems through configuration and third-party applications.

Aspect Software

  • The client specializes in software and services for call center management, customer care and workforce optimization.
  • Aspect was looking to cut the costs of on-prem infrastructure and contract licensing as well as closing data centers to migrate to Microsoft Azure cloud architecture.
  • The client wanted new BI (business intelligence) solutions that would provide self-service tools and enable data analysis across business applications, including Salesforce, NetSuite, SAP SuccessFactors and Oracle Financials.

Molson Coors: Modern Workplace

  • The client specializes in providing the highest quality product to beer drinkers worldwide, honoring time-tested brewing traditions and continuously striving for innovation.
  • The client was looking to move to new and updated Intranet, with a user-friendly UI, on a scaled timeline.
  • They were looking to lift and shift content and the user interface to a new system.


  • The client specializes in gathering feedback from customers then delivering reviews, analytics and targeted media to help businesses improve their products and services.
  • A CPQ (configure price quote) solution was needed to streamline product offerings and provide sales teams with the ability to give accurate and detailed quotes for new products coming to the market.
  • Asset-based ordering was necessary to provide users the ability to manage information about previously purchased products.
  • Client needed to close the loop with their Deal Desk and renewals teams to provide a full 360-degree lifecycle view for their customers.
island hotel

Destination Hotels & Resorts

  • The client specializes in managing destination lodging and articulated a need to assess the Information Technology organization across a wide array of organizational and technical perspectives.
  • Destination Hotels desired to look at the IT function from the top of the organization through all levels of staff, processes, technologies, and initiatives is intended to lead to improved strategy, services, customer satisfaction, and technical currency.
  • Needed to determine the best path forward as it relates to technical direction and strategy, customer support and responsiveness, systems reliability, and operational efficiency.
sub sandwiches


  • The client specializes in franchised, fast-food sandwich shops
  • Desired detailed assessment of the current state IT environment
  • Discovered a need for new IT leadership and a significant re-structuring of the IT organization, staff, processes, and spend
  • Engaged Statêra in a multi-year outsourcing of all IT operations staffing and management
  • Wanted to simplify and remediate an IT infrastructure that was several years out of date, adjust platform licensing to meet the needs of the company, revise the IT spend patterns from past years, move the corporate offices and associated IT infrastructure to a new location, and substantially overhaul the IT processes and image across the company
mountain landscape

Rocky Mountain PBS

  • The client made a commitment to the donors of creating efficiencies in their organization with the merge of two separate avenues of business, radio and television
  • One of the final pieces to that commitment was to consolidate their donor management process. This work included migrating over 50,000 donors, over 180,000 pledges, and all supplemental payment, premium, and show information into one donor management system
  • Rocky Mountain PBS needed a way to effectively, accurately, and quickly transform and upload raw data from the legacy donor system into the correct format for the target donor system located within Salesforce without disruption to sustaining donors, without loss of a single dollar of pledge monies, and without loss of historical pledge drive data

Red Robin

  • Red Robin specializes in casual dining restaurants internationally
  • Their current website was only capable of handling just over 1,100 concurrent users and was not scalable
  • Needed to rebuild their Loyalty website
  • Desired help in understanding and making the most of the Heroku cloud platform. Heroku (which runs in the AWS cloud) provides a PaaS (Platform as a Service) environment for running the Enterprise Java application. Heroku allows the Client to reduce their management overhead by eliminating servers and focus on solving their business problems
phone screen with apps

Global Social Networking Service

  • Fast growing, leading Silicon Valley-Based Social Networking Service had an existing Apttus CLM implementation that suffered from low adoption, unnecessary customization and under-utilization of key Apttus functionality such as Advanced Approvals, X-Author and Clause Libraries. They sought to address these issues and bring three new business units onto the solution.
  • The Client engaged Statera to provide a new ground-up design emphasizing leveraging out-of-box functionality, X-Author, an optimized Template, Merge Field and Clause Library.

UK Based Information Company

  • The primary purpose of this project was to utilize the Apttus X-Author for Excel (XA) application to insert Excel spreadsheet data into (SFDC) using source data originating from an third party website that collects the data on behalf of the client
  • The XA enhancement to the existing spreadsheet functionality should allow users to import the source data and create new Account, Contact, Asset Line Item, and other related Fulfillment and Billing Management records for online orders placed for magazine subscriptions, webinars and seminars

Commercial Construction Industry Software

  • The client specializes in software for contractors, manufacturers and others in the commercial construction industry
  • A company merger prompted the need to consolidate disparate marketing automation systems into a single platform
  • One of the first phases of this process is to migrate legacy CMD marketing activities into Marketo and retire Eloqua. Moving to Marketo provides the client the ability to establish a unified design and architecture for the entire company’s single marketing platform
construction crane

Commercial Construction Industry Software Applications

  • The client makes over 2 million contracts per year with construction industry professionals to collect, verify, and maintain data on over 165,000 bidding projects and more than 70,000 planning projects in the US and Canada
  • Every document they receive runs through their “optical character recognition” technology to allow searching plans and specifications by keyword and CSI code. They use the latest technology to significantly improve the usability of the construction market data for their customers use
  • One such technology includes moving their products from a legacy third party product system on Salesforce to an Apttus CPQ solution which is built on the platform.
  • The client needed a way to effectively, accurately, and quickly transform and upload raw data from the legacy system into the correct format for the Apttus CPQ objects
  • They also needed a more robust product and subscription management tool that could accommodate a complex derivative-price model and evergreen contract process
blood pressure monitor

Global Medical Device Company

  • The client selected Apttus Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) and Contract Management (CM) to improve their current processes with a goal of eventually retiring the existing in house applications, including the interim BAT solution
  • Client is seeking an Apttus certified implementation partner to transition the organization to this new system
  • The goal of this engagement is to implement Apttus CPQ and CM and integrate seamlessly with the existing Partner application while leveraging the foundational work already completed with the RMS implementation
3D map

Intermap Technologies

  • Intermap Technologies® provides best-of-breed 3D terrain information to their customers worldwide
  • Intermap purchased Service Cloud and wanted to implement the new functionality alongside their existing Sales Could environment
  • Intermap requested assistance from Statêra to quickly implement core Service Cloud functionality, including Knowledge, Email-To-Case and Web-ToCase
chef in kitchen

The Restaurant Source

  • The Restaurant Source (TRS) is one of the premier vendors of food service supplies and equipment in the United States. Based in Denver, Colorado they have been servicing thousands of clients for over 60 years
  • TRS management discovered that their staff was spending an unmanageable amount of time dealing with IT challenges and wrestling with a rapidly changing IT environment.
  • Needed guidance, management, and oversight of their IT environment as they lacked technical expertise
  • Statêra keeps the TRS IT environment running smoothly and helps TRS management focus on how technology can add value to their strategic goals
swimmers in lanes

USA Swimming Development Outsourcing

  • Statêra was engaged in 2002 to build a Membership and Times management platform to replace an old and unreliable platform that was no longer meeting the needs of USAS staff, athletes, coaches, and officials
  • After the completion of this several month effort, USAS formalized a relationship with Statêra to provide on-going architecture, design, development and project management for all major systems in use by USAS and several associated agencies around the swimming community world-wide. This relationship has been in place since 2002 and continues to this day
  • USAS does not choose or develop any technology solutions without the technical leadership and involvement of Statêra to this day and these solutions are now the “Gold Standard” across the competitive sports world

Orion Registrar, Inc.

  • Orion Registrar, Inc. is a full-service, management system and product certification registrar / certification body
  • The Client's existing systems were outdated, held data in silos, suffered from reliability issues and lacked visibility into the process
  • Needed a BPM solution that was flexible, scalable, easy to update, and could be supported for years to come
airplane wing

Large Airline Manufacturer

  • Client specializes in airline manufacturing
  • Desired tools to collaborate with employees and their subsidiary users in order to run their business effectively
  • Wanted to setup a brand for the Digital Aviation
  • Looked to publish news stories to showcase the work being done by the Digital Aviation team
  • Needed routing of various approval forms to the stake holders.
  • Customizations on team sites to present data based on the group needs
people looking at phones

Consumer Electronics Accessory Company

  • Client is a design and manufacturing firm in the consumer products space
  • Needed to improve information security through deployment of enhanced security solutions and increased employee awareness and mindfulness
computer and analytical papers

International Software and Services Firm

  • An international software and services firm engaged Statêra to conduct a strategic business transformation program.
  • This was the first phase of a five year operations optimization initiative for its flagship product line.
  • The goal was to assess and recommend optimization opportunities that would deliver more than $5M in savings over 2 years to avoid potential business disruption.
man working on forms at computer

Orion Registrar, Inc.

  • Orion Registrar, Inc. is a full-service, management system and product certification registrar / certification body  
  • Existing systems were outdated, held data in silos, suffered from reliability issues and lacked visibility into the process
  • Needed a BPM solution that was flexible, scalable, easy to update, and could be supported for years to come

Automated Test Equipment Supplier

  • Automated test equipment supplier looking to sunset outdated BigMachines system
  • Required a new platform to generate quotes that would meet critical business needs & provide user-friendly interface for quick maintenance & administration

Prospect Medical Holdings

  • The client is a significant provider of coordinated regional healthcare services throughout Southern California, Texas, and Rhode Island
  • Needed to automate their vendor, health plan and provider contract management process to improve accountability, tracking and reporting capabilities
  • Client chose Apttus Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and DocuSign deployed on the platform to streamline the generation, negotiation, approval and signature processes across Requesting, Contract Management, Legal, Finance, and Executive departments
happy family at mall

Large Real Estate Commercial Property Management Company

  • The client specializes in managing space in malls throughout the United States and needed to automate its lease contract management process
  • Previous operations were all manual, very slow and lacked accountability and tracking
  • Client chose Apttus Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and DocuSign to streamline generation, negotiation, approval, and signature process to integrate Sales, Legal and Executive departments' responsbilities
Clinical Trials

Large Clinical Trial Services Provider

  • Leading clinical trial services provider with over 10,000 employees and 200 contract managers
  • New Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) process to significantly improve transparency and efficiency
  • Seamless integration with legacy systems
car driving off

Large Automotive Manufacturer

  • Fortune 200 client that needed to on-board over ten disparate lines of business onto a single platform which would integrate and/or retire legacy technolgy across 50+ touch points
  • Client requirements include multiple high-volume call centers, huge data sets, complex integration and multi-phased program methodology
window with blinds

North American Manufacturer

  • Leading manufacturer of custom-made window fashions in North America and needed to completely revamp customer service and dealer management software
  • Full featured CRM system to gain 360 degree view of entire dealer lifecycle
  • Integrated to enterprise level SAP system
biotech test tubes

Biotech Organization

  • Biotech organization founded to signifantly reduce number of healthcare associated infections
  • Salesforce expertise to optimize existing instance
  • Long-term partner to support that maintenance



Large Telecommunications Provider

  • Leading national telecommunications provider
  • Improve stock performance through improved sales pipeline and forecast accuracy
  • Sales Cloud implementation to automate end-to-end sales processes, and drive improved forecasting
track and field

Partnership for Clean Competition

  • Streamlining and simplifying an extensive research grant and award management process
  • Statera developed a website and set of web-based applications to create a self-service system for grant management
  • Needed a partner who could build and manage the solution and its operations
Medical supplies

Texas Health Resources

  • One of the largest faith-based health care delivery systems in Texas
  • Needed a collaboration platform to improve support, adoption and usability
  • Several hundred websites on different platforms, limited standardization, highly uneven usage levels across stakeholders, and limited governance structure
Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scouts

  • The Girl Scouts is a non-profit organization that provides leadership training to girls
  • A cost-improvement initiative to move to a cloud-based solution (Microsoft Office 365) for some of its business processes
  • User adoption of enhanced communication/collaboration capabilities
construction site


  • COLAS is a leader in roadway infrastructure and construction
  • CRM capability across multiple de-centralized entities in the US in order to better manage contacts and clients and provide opportunities for cross-selling
  • Implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM to drive sales cycle efficiency while allowing for unique sales processes across different entities


  • Natural Gas utility serving Arkansas, Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming
  • System to track and audit different areas of risk involved in all of their opportunities
  • Implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tracking accounts, contacts, and opportunities
  • Develop a more streamlined and defined sales pipeline which would more accurately reflect their current sales
buttons on keyboard


  • A technology solution provider that provides an easy-to-use, template-based bulk email application that includes robust analytics on deliverability and response
  • Integration between the Fision application and Salesforce
  • Seamless integration
Molson Coors Wheat

Molson Coors: Salesforce

  • A leading beer company and distributor
  • Re-brand and re-build Salesforce Partner Portal for international beer and merchandise ordering application
  • Re-design of the interface, adding new functionality to their partner portal, and building a custom marketing application
students throwing graduation caps

Jones International University – Applications

  • Fully-accredited online university
  • Increase student satisfaction, retention, and operational efficiency
  • CRM tool selection and implementation of CRM solution, to accurately track the student lifecycle and integrate with existing systems
credit cards

Global Financial Institution

  • A service platform for handling calls from Signature card holders
  • Implementation and configuration of the service cloud and integration with internal security and functional components
online security


  • International internet security company
  • Retire NetSuite and migrate to Salesforce
  • Standardize and streamline processes globally and
  • Implement and reduce the number of errors in downstream systems


  • Provides best-of-class 3D terrain information to customers worldwide
  • Improve the implementation and maintainability of the current system
  • Identify opportunities for simplification and standardization
shop button keyboard

  • Digital coupon and downloadable deal company with 12 million shoppers and thousands of affiliate stores and brands nationwide
  • Purchased to manage client relationships
  • Reached out to Statêra for training and expert services to improve CRM ROI

Chuck Latham Associates

  • Leading manufacturers in the pet industry
  • Needed to improve accountability and reporting for internal reports and keep manufacturers informed on business activities and products
  • Requested Statêra assist with implementation to automate a number of existing business processes: campaigns, opportunities, and sales activities
retirement sign

Financial Services Firm

  • Need for an easy and intuitive Content Management System to store and organize sales materials.
  • Seamless integration of existing system with a 3rd party proprietary web application to gather and organize financial advisor information.

Hearst Business Media

  • Develops and produces evidence-based clinical guidelines and software used by more than 2,200 clients
  • issues impacting business users and clients
  • Needed Statêra to document, analyze, provide recommendations, and optimize their current system
wind turbines

Energy Co-op

  • Wholesale electric power supplier  serving 1.5 million consumers across 4 states and 200,000 square miles
  • In need of a system for sharing information with member cooperatives over the public internet
  • Needed to retain high security and ability to be managed by non-IT resources
man fixing roof

Global Manufacturer

  • Leading manufacturer of premium-quality building materials for commercial, industrial, and residential applications
  • Standardization and consolidation of two existing, disparate instances of
  • Complex integration with SAP
drilling oil


  • A natural gas company comprised of multiple asset teams spread throughout the US and Canada performing drilling, construction, production, operations, as wells as assorted additional functions
  • Struggling with information sharing within and across asset teams

Car Insurance Provider

  • Car insurance provider rapidly growing via acquisitions
  • Better insight into existing investment performance
  • Operational performance metrics to accurately assess performance of integrated M&As
USA Swimming Deck Pass

USA Swimming – Applications

  • National swimming organization with over 400,000 members
  • Seeking to connect the US swimming community
  • Enhance website experience beyond basic result tracking
  • Extend services through development of a USA Swimming mobile app
Swim lanes

USA Swimming – Analytics

  • National swimming organization with data for more than 400,000 members stored in over 60 disparate databases
  • Integration across multiple systems to improve usability of data
  • Rid system of redundancies

College Invest

  • A higher education funding program that provides a tuition stipend to eligible students throughout Colorado
  • Re-platform and modernize web assets and applications
business people

CSG International

  • Global support solutions and services company with heavy presence in the cable industry
  • Redefine, harmonize and standardize its core sales processes and tools across the organization after a series of acquisitions
  • Migration onto a single organization of
  • Improve overall sales performance and achieve a higher level of sales capability